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We have now added a web counter to show the children how many people visit the website.
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Over 4000 hits on our website. We are really pleased that our website is attracting so much interest..! We are really pleased to see so many people have visited our site to find out how we do things and how well things are going. Make sure you pop back and check out our latest news page and keep an eye out for details of the new nurseries..!

Welcome to 2nd Home Childcare
The website is currently being updated at the moment.
Please bear with us until the new site is up and running. Hopefully the new site will be up within the next week or so.
"Spring is Here..!"

Sorry for the delay in updating the website.
We are currently working on an new up to date version which will be transferred soon so you can view it. For now all the links will be temporarily disabled.
If there is anything you would like added to the website then please let us know.

Please note that our setting at The Croft closed on the 28th of February, other settings are unaffected and can be contacted on 0191 4477877 for Barley Mow, 0191 4873297 for Chowdene or alternatively email us at

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